Hello and welcome to Slightly Unnerved, a blog about my enthusiasm for pens, ink, paper and notebooks.  I’ve been thinking about starting this for a while.  Now I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and got on with it.

Where did the name come from?

I have my 5 year old son to thank for the name.  Out of the blue one day he declared to his bemused family that he was “slightly unnerved by chickens”.  It turns out he had adapted a line from a Danger Mouse cartoon (afraid of nothing but slightly unnerved by spiders), but it raised a smile and neatly summed up my trepidation at putting my thoughts and ideas down in a blog.

And here we are…

Another blog about pens?

There a lots of blogs out there about this subject and I questioned whether I had anything to contribute on the subject.  The answer came quite quickly – pens, paper and ink are such subjective things.  Everyone’s tastes are different – extra fine or stub nibs? Midori or Rhodia? which particular shade of blue?

When I review things I will try to be objective, but it will be hard to avoid bias as I will already have made a choice in what to purchase.  I may have a pen habit, but I am not going out of my way to choose something I’m pretty sure I won’t like!

A bit about me

I have written with a fountain pen for years, but only more recently has it turned into a habit.  Of course it’s not just pens, there’s a whole world of inks and papers to get stuck into as well.  I don’t see myself as a collector – all my pens have to work for a living – more an acquirer and user.  The good thing about being a relative newcomer to this world is that I have lots to learn and lots of things to try out along the way.

That’s it?

Pens and related paraphernalia will be the main focus of my blog, but I may occasionally stray into photography as well.  When I get the chance I shoot film over digital, process my own film and make my own prints in a darkroom.  But more about that another time.


I hope you enjoy my blog. I welcome feedback, so please feel free to leave comments .