Oh look, another blog about fountain pens, ink and stationery in general.  What you’ll find here are my honest thoughts about pens and related things.   If you’re trying to decide what your next pen, bottle of ink or notebook should be, hopefully you will find my reviews helpful when it comes to making a choice.  There will also be the occasional, more philosophical, view on the world of writing materials and from time to time I may even throw a bit of humour in for good measure.

I’ve used a fountain pen for years, but it’s only more recently that I’ve started acquiring more than I practically need.  There are so many interesting ones to try.  The same with notebooks.  One day I might find the perfect book, but in the meantime I’ll keep buying and trying interesting ones I come across.

I’m also starting to dabble in book-binding and making my own notebooks, so from time to time I’ll share details of the projects I’ve been working on so the rest of the world can cheer on my successes and laugh at my abject failures.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.


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